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The region of La Garrocha is located in northeastern Catalonia, between the Alt Empordà and Ripoll,( Girona), and is subdivided into two distinct parts: Upper and Lower Garrotxa. The natural area of Upper Garrotxa has a rugged terrain, narrow and deep valleys surrounded by high cliffs and rock walls. In contrast, the Lower Garrotxa is soft and wet, the valleys are flat as a result of volcanic activity and this has led to the development of the most important of the region, with its capital Olot. The Natural Park of the Volcanic Zone of the Garrotxa is the best example of a volcanic landscape of the Iberian Peninsula and one of the largest in Europe. In 1982 it was declared to a Natural Site of National Interest with integral reserve areas Geobotany Interest. The park covers some 12,000 hectares, within which have been recorded thirty-eight volcanic cones, the area is semi-mountainous, and ranges from 200 m height of the “Castelfollit Roca” to 1100 m of Puigsallança, point of the mountain Finestres. The Garrocha is a land of nature, the variety of flora and fauna is extraordinary. The high rate of rainfall, the variety of substrates and differences in altitude and direction of the mountains are reasons for that such a small space can be found from the more typical Mediterranean vegetation to vegetation type or trend Central Atlantic. The region also presents an invaluable cultural heritage, medieval villages, Romanesque churches, Roman road Capsacosta, etc. In Catalan "Garrotxa" only has one meaning: , "harsh land, broken and bad step." The term refers to the sub from the Upper Garrotxa, in the northern third, physically characterized by a rugged terrain dominated by limestone cliffs and deep rivers.

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